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Better personalisation
for more relevant communications

Create new business documents or enhance existing ones so they make more sense and are of higher value for your customers.

We specialise in enhancing communications that have:

  • Limited personalization
  • Poor quality image / No image at all
  • No up-selling or cross-promotional messages
  • No brand engagement
  • No batching capabilities

Being smart
is what PlanetPress is all about.

With our new design tool, all communications are built in HTML/CSS, so you can actually start from templates you find on the Internet or ones your web team builds for you.

Once your document is created...

You can use it in multiple channels to increase response rates, address accessibility issues and ultimately, serve your clients much faster and more efficiently.

Print & Mail

Optimise paper use, mail preparation tasks and marketing messages to increase your ROI on mailing processes.

Personalised Emails

Create rich and personalised transactional email templates so customers who prefer digital won’t have to deal with paper.

Secure web pages

Create dynamic personalised web pages, manage secure online transactions and have your clients pay their invoices online, accelerating your order-to-cash cycle.

Text Messages

Let your clients know their invoice or documents are ready. Send them a thank you note seconds after they make a payment to remind them how much you appreciate their business.

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