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Operational flexibility and freedom

PlanetPress sits next to your existing IT infrastructure so you can make separate systems work together to create intelligent workflows and documents.

Keep your systems running

Risk-free implementations

PlanetPress actually doesn't connect to your systems, it simply reads existing outputs. Whether your system outputs text based files or data / print streams, PlanetPress will be able to read them and to take action upon them in regards to the workflows you have setup leaving your system untouched and your IT team worry free.

Outputs you may already have

  • ASCII / Line printer data / Channel skip
  • HTML / CSV / XML / PDF / Word® & Excel®
  • Windows printer drivers / Print management systems
  • Emails / FTP / Telnet / SOAP
  • Data from: Multiple ERPs, CRMs, accounting systems and EDMs

Freedom to optimise at your own pace

You have full control

PlanetPress is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution, it's a toolset, making it an extremely flexible solution. Business optimization is an ongoing process and your organization's needs will evolve over time, making it super important that you remain in control of the costs, the skills and the workflow setup automated in PlanetPress.

Start simple. Learn. Iterate.

Some organizations use it simply to move data around. Others use it to automate boring tasks such as scanning documents, archiving or mail preparation. At Objectif Lune, we even use it for our Hockey Pool! As soon as you start playing with it, you'll realize its potential and start automating stuff.

Start getting the best out of your resources

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