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Operational efficiency

Are you the real boss, or is it your systems? The fact is that the speed at which your system can react to and accommodate changes is crucial to meet the consumers' ever-evolving requirements.

Automate document related tasks

Document scanning tasks

Using OL's Capture technology on your document gives you the ability to trigger follow-up business processes at the point of signature

Document handling tasks

Whether it's archiving a document, making a copy on a remote FTP server or sending email confirmations to a group of people, triggers can easily be configured to automate very simple tasks all the way through to complex document workflows.

Mail preparation tasks

By using PlanetPress to drive folders/inserter devices, you can automate envelope stuffing. You can also automate the addition of insert by using data from your mail stream to select the correct tray. To ensure mail integrity, easily add OMR marks to your documents on the fly without redesigning them.

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Wiser print job management

Load balancing

Do you have large print jobs to run occasionally? Maybe you already have a couple of printers installed and don't want to invest in a large-scale printer? Use PlanetPress' load balancing capabilities to send equal or variable sized parts to each of your printers or output engines.

Stop sending work to one machine and clogging it up for a long time. You can even program the software to be able to send print job to whichever machine is free - depending on a set of priorities.

Load balancing

Switch printers depending on the document

Distributed printing is about getting everybody what they need faster. You can print an invoice and a personalised cover letter at sales headquarters, add accounting copy from your accounts receivable department, generate a packing slip and shipping label at your warehouse and send an email confirming the order, all from the same data stream you currently use to print invoices. Nice huh!

Switch printers depending on the document

Unleash your printers' full potential.

Printer centric processing is about taking full advantage out of the printer's resources. Variable content document templates reside on the printer’s hard drive and are merged at high speed with incoming host data at the point of print. What is so great about printer centric processing is that aside from accelerating your printing speed, you don't need to change a thing to anything your (sometimes old) systems were already sending to your printers because all the formatting and data-handling job is done by the printer.

Want to replace old line printers?

Since all the changes happened on the printer side, replacing old impact or line printers becomes a piece of cake with PlanetPress.

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PlanetPress, the ideal solution
to improve SMBs’ operational efficiency

A lot of small and medium businesses are often confronted by the same problem when it comes to reducing operational inefficiencies: too small for major investments to automatically solve their issues; and too big to allow themselves to handle case by case resolutions.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

See how LDL improved their operational efficiency, customer service and cash flow by implementing PlanetPress.

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