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Cost reductions

Because it’s built like a toolbox and because it works with virtually any system you already have in place. Even very old ones.

System costs reduction

Don't buy new systems

Don't buy new systems

PlanetPress gives a second life to data systems. When they can’t export in the expected format or when they’re not able to talk to one another, PlanetPress steps in.

PlanetPress reads, combines and repackages whatever output file or stream you have so that you’re able to use the information in the format you want, in the order you want and at the moment you need it.

Human resources costs reduction

Free yourself from consultants.

At Objectif Lune, we hate those legacy mentalities where clients get stuck with technology only experts understand. We like when our clients are in the driver seat. It gives them the ability to customize little detail over time and develop skills internally instead of always asking consultants whenever a change is needed.

Automate boring and repetitive tasks

What's so nice about automating scanning, archiving and mail preparation tasks is that you get your team back. Freeing up their time from manual repetitive work, you get to affect them to more creative, fulfilling and relevant tasks that actually do require a human brain to be done properly.

Print costs reduction

No more stationery stocks

Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms to be able to print on-demand. Correcting a phone number, adding an email address, or changing a logo used to be a headache when dealing with printed stationery. With PlanetPress, simply open the appropriate form in the designer tool, modify and save your changes. No need to order, manage and store expensive pre-printed forms.

Print only what you need

With PlanetPress workflow tool, you can reduce the number of pages you print by printing only the information relevant for each single recipient. You also get to dynamically add personalized messages to existing documents so you don't need to print new ones. Of course, printing on both sides of the page (duplex) is very well supported.

Load balancing

Do you have large print jobs to run occasionally? Maybe you already have a couple of printers installed and don't want to invest in a large-scale printer? Use PlanetPress' load balancing capabilities to send equal or variable sized parts to each of your printers or output engines.

Postal costs reduction

Reduce the amount of paper you send

Instead of sending two different documents, pay no extra postage by turning invoices into advertising vehicles. PlanetPress also helps to reduce the number of pages you print for each of your customers by selecting only the relevant content to print.

Optimize each mailing by grouping them

PlanetPress easily integrates with third party solutions to help presort and cleanse mailing addresses as well as grouping multiple documents to the same customer. This often saves you money once you get to the post office.

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