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Communications that drive more impact

Your clients have different knowledge about your products and services, and have different reasons for using them… so shouldn't their communications be as unique as them?

Communication personalisation

Don't be ignored

Being able to customise your business documents is key to making them more relevant for every recipient and not be ignored by your customers. Content is everywhere. Consumers attention span diminishes. Getting personal and relevant has never been this important.

Say the right thing at the right time

PlanetPress can read pretty much any system's output. This means that, whatever system you use to segment your customers, and whatever the segments you have, you can now can take action based on that information. Adding coupons, messages about related items or service contracts relevant to a CRM table or a line item in the invoice is a piece of cake with PlanetPress.

Mass communications requires

Mass customisation

Multi-channel distribution

One tool to rule them all

PlanetPress’ designer tool significantly reduces the amount of work needed to produce the various adaptations of a document intended to be distributed through multiple channels. With access to data, assets, and code snippets, everything is available under the one roof to help you build personalised, good looking attractive and engaging documents optimised to for their specific context.

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