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Automate tasks and workflows.

Because nobody likes to do boring and repetitive stuff.

Automate your document workflow

Think of a workflow as being a pipe. Data and documents are falling down that pipe and you can make clever decisions about what's going to happen to those documents. 1:51

Automate all kinds of tasks
Use people on useful projects instead

Automate all kinds of tasks

PlanetPress' Workflow tool

Whatever needs to happen to your document can be automated. The drag and drop interface lets you easily create and manage document workflows that fit your organizational logic.

Trigger processes from any entry point

Upon reception of any source including shared folders, Windows print queues, e-mail messages, ODBC compliant databases, Telnet, FTP and even Anoto digital pen, you can configure PlanetPress to automatically trigger printing, emailing, publishing or updating processes.

Processes should evolve with your business
Processes should evolve with your business

Nobody knows what you need better than you

You’re not captive

Objectif Lune’s development philosophy is all about freeing our customers from captive environments. This is why PlanetPress is built as a toolset that you can play with. Being adaptive and customizable is what this software is all about.

You're not alone either

The PlanetPress workflow tool offer numerous easy to use built-in objects to simplify connecting to and communicating with almost any enterprise application. Of course, if you need any help, we have a pretty awesome support team as well as online training available.

Become more efficient

Automate document distribution

With PlanetPress, documents can be printed or output in digital format in one single job. Their destination can be programed ahead of time based on the recipients need or business logic, either through Web publishing, email, fax or indeed conventional mail by adding OMR barcodes.

Automate mail preparation

By adding variable OMR marks (to indicate that the number of pages is variable, or to add inserts, for example), it is possible to automate envelope stuffing using inserters/folders. PlanetPress can recognize information intended for the same person, merge it into a single envelope, saving postage.

Automate archiving tasks

With PlanetPress, archiving is automatic. The software creates an index file for any document created, making it easy to retrieve information. The indexing information can be put in a barcode, making it possible to file the document in the desired location automatically when scanning. Archiving is not only automatic but also electronic, allowing you to safely store the document in any EDM system.