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Support & Resources for PlanetPress.

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PlanetPress7 Forum

PlanetPress6 Forum

Other online resources

Learn more about the product, error codes, system requirements and installation requirements on the following platforms:

PlanetPress Suite Learning platform

Knowledge base

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OL Care subscribers can report an issue via the web or talk directly to our support team by calling and providing their OL Care number. In order to report an issue to our team, you'll need to provide a valid serial number.

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Product download and activation

To download or activate your PlanetPress software using OL's Web Activation Manager



For clients who require an activation key in order to re-activate their software, you can do so by clicking here.

Downloadable resources

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PlanetPress Design

User guide: v.7.6, v.7.5, v.7.4
Reference guide: v.7.0

PlanetPress Workflow tool

User guide: v.7.6, v.7.5, v.7.4
Reference guide: v.7.0
Comparison chart: v.7.0

PlanetPress Talk

Reference guide: v.7.2 | 7.1 | 7.0

PlanetPress Trigger & Data Capture

User guide: v.7.2 | 7.1 | 7.0

End User License Agreement

PlanetPress EULA

PlanetPress Release Notes

PlanetPress 7.6.2 Release notes

PlanetPress, the ideal solution
to improve SMBs’ operational efficiency

A lot of small and medium businesses are often confronted by the same problem when it comes to reducing operational inefficiencies: too small for major investments to automatically solve their issues; and too big to allow themselves to handle case by case resolutions.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

See how LDL improved their operational efficiency, customer service and cash flow by implementing PlanetPress.

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Become a PlanetPress reseller

Objectif Lune already partners with hundreds of companies and consultants around the World to make their clients' lifes much easier. If you're interested in partnering up with Objectif Lune? Find out how you can become a PlanetPress reseller.

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