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Handling your PlanetPress documents.

Once you've designed your documents, several options are available.

  • Using data from existing sources Watch Office Production
  • Input data from files, relational databases and large IT systems:
    ASCII, CSV, Databases, XML, CRMs, ERPs, Financial systems and more.
    Watch : Office : Production :
  • Input data from print streams:
    Windows Printer Drivers, Line Printer Drivers, Channel Skip and more.
    Watch : Office : Production :
  • Conditional processes management:
    Transform and route data and/or documents upon all kinds of conditions you setup.
    Watch : Office : Production :
  • SDK for ultra-customization:
    Write your own scripts to setup conditions we might not have thought about yet.
    Watch : Office : Production :
  • Input data from PDF files:
    Extract and use data contains in your current PDF files.
    Watch : - Office : Production :
  • Printing Watch Office Production
  • Normal speed printing on any printers:
    Print on any printer, whether they are equipped with a OL Printer Licence or not.
    Watch : - Office : Production :
  • Fast speed printing with OL licensed printers:
    OL Printer Licenses makes printing PlanetPress documents really fast.
    Watch : Office : Production : No license needed
  • Fast speed printing on all your printers:
    Using optimized PostScript, print PlanetPress documents at the highest speed your printer allows.
    Watch : - Office : - Production :
  • Digital publishing Watch Office Production
  • Standard PDF output:
    Dynamically create PDF files.
    Watch : - Office : Production :
  • Archiving and electronic distribution:
    Use PDF/A standards for archiving. Gain more control over your PDF notably in terms of security and indexability. Output to EDMs and other environments.
    Watch : Optional Office : Optional Production : Optional