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One toolset
for all communication channels

Get variable data
Design Documents
Automate Distribution

Separation of concerns

Multi-channel communications are about integrating messages in an ecosystem of channels and making sure everything makes sense for the customers. The challenge is to make it happen with the systems you already have in place, in a timeframe that you probably didn’t choose and of course, with limited resources. PlanetPress Connect is an amazing toolset for your team to work with because each team member can concentrate on the part they’re good at.

Using web standards

Customers have better access to content. And your job is easier because you can start from exisiting web templates.

Designing adaptable communications

Built to adapt to various devices and encourage client interactions.

Flexible document output formats

Nowadays, clients want to choose how they receive their communications, whether through direct mail, email, the web, fax or cell phone text messaging. PlanetPress Connect can format variable data onto documents meant for electronic delivery as well as for digital printing.

  • Email
  • Publish on the web / FTP
  • Print / Mail / Fax
  • Copy / Archive

HTML / Javascript / CSS

Technology for a new era.

The new Designer allows you to prepare all your digital or printed communications from the same place.

New design tool

The right message at the right time

No matter what system you have or how you segment your customers, you can now can take action based on that information. Adding coupons, messages about related items or service contracts relevant to a CRM table or a line item in the invoice is a piece of cake with PlanetPress Connect.

Content personalisation

Being able to personalise your communications is key to making them more relevant for every recipient and not be ignored by your customers. Content is everywhere. Consumers attention span is diminishing. Getting personal and relevant has never been this important.

Context personalisation

People expect more from companies nowadays. They’re more connected than ever before and companies simply need to adapt. PlanetPress Connect is a gateway to managing multi-channel communications. PlanetPress Connect produces documents using web standards and prints them or sends them through digital channels natively.

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