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Interactive outputs

Say hello to real-time data that impresses your customers.

Manage online payments by adding payment buttons in PDFs, emails or web Pages.

Turn invoices, forms, text messages and emails into system inputs that can trigger processes.

Capture information about your customers in order to better market your services & products.

Look lightning fast by automating workflows as soon as customers interact with your communications.

Documents and apps
that interact with PlanetPress Connect

Secure PlanetPress
HTTP(S) Server

QR Codes
Email links
Mobile apps
Links in PDFs
Web pages

Adding interactive capabilities to your documents such as hyperlinks in an email or a PDF file means you can setup an automated process in PlanetPress that will fast-track your overall document workflow.

On top of Capture OnTheGo, any mobile device on which you can setup an HTTP request is capable of triggering an automated process in PlanetPress.

Capture OnTheGo is powered
by PlanetPress Connect

PlanetPress Connect is Objectif Lune's flagship solution for automating business processes and data-driven communication.

PlanetPress Connect reads your current system's output and provides you with the tools and freedom you need to use data any way you want. Produce and send highly personalised communications, whatever the channel: print, web, email, SMS and... e-forms.

When it comes to automating processes or moving data around, PlanetPress Connect sets Capture OnTheGo apart from other e-forms solutions.

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Speed-up your account receivable processes

Create interactive purchase orders, delivery notes , invoices or any other documents needed in the order-to-cash cycle. Interactions initiated through your business communications can trigger the next step of the process, enhancing customer experience, accelerating payment of invoices and ultimately improving cash flow.

Reduce delays in your mission critical processes

Interactivity enables instantaneous communications. Adding interactive “call-to-actions” to your business documents is the key to fast response time, speeding-up the execution of every step of a business process. Eliminating delays and translates into saving both time and money.

Take full advantage of your current resources

The ability to automatically trigger tasks within a process has an impact on its overall execution time. PlanetPress Connect allows you to increase your productivity without changing your processes.

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