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Automate your business processes

Get back in control, make technology work for you

One tool, many possibilities

Discover PlanetPress Connect, a software solution that automates and personalizes your outbound transactional communications.

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Digital + Print


Automated tasks
and processes


Suitable for any
ERP system

Optimize your Accounts Receivable processes, with PlanetPress Connect

Less paperwork
Better cash flow
Safe integration

The perfect multi-channel communication toolset

The DataMapper was created so data in all your systems becomes available in one place. Queries can be stored so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel each time.


The Multi-context Designer was created so datasets retrieved for a particular mailing, can also be used in other contexts such as for emails or on the Web.

Multi-context Designer

PlanetPress Connect’s Workflow automation tool has been around for years now and has proven its efficiency for designing and implementing automated business processes.

Workflow tool

OL™ Connect Technology

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