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Document composition and design tool.

The designer tool comes with every implementation of PlanetPress.

Access your data

From a single interface, data from any source can be imported, merged and filtered onto your document. No more fetching data one by one. Everything is there, ready to be used. Barcodes and OMR marks can even be added to create ready-to-mail and ready-to-archive transactional documents.

PlanetPress Design 7

Place data onto your document

Inserting content from a data file, a remote server, a database or even a PDF file is easy with PlanetPress' drag and drop functionality. You can even drag and drop conditions on content elements so they only appear when needed. 2:28

Add graphics and make it look good

Like you would do with other graphic design tools, you can define font styles and colours to apply to variable content. You can also add images and dynamic charts. You can basically do anything that needs to be done to make your transactional document look good and very professional.

Add graphics and make it look good