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OL Care subscribers can report an issue via the web or talk directly to our support team by calling and providing their OL Care number. In order to report an issue to our team, you'll need to provide a valid serial number.

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Only 2 steps to obtain your free trial.

Step 1

Request a License Serial Number.
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Step 2

Use your License Serial Number.
Take the license serial number you obtained in Step 1 and enter it into the form below to get your 30 day free trial.
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Product download and activation

To download or activate your PlanetPress software using OL's Web Activation Manager



For clients who require an activation key in order to re-activate their software, you can do so by clicking here.

For existing OL Care subscribers, your upgrade will be available with the arrival of version 1.3.

Users looking for other PlanetPress Suite resources can get acces them through the dedicated website

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