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The Workflow Tool

Where the magic happens.

Where the magic happens.

Installed on a server, PlanetPress Connect Workflow is set up to automate all tasks related to the business processes of an organisation, acting as a middleware to the systems already in place.

One central location

From one central location capture output streams from any source and based on the information found in the data, execute a multitude of tasks. Whether it’s routing a print job to the appropriate local or remote printer, splitting the data into several files, querying ODBC compliant databases for additional information, applying business rules, redirecting conditionally or distributing customer communications through any channel both print and digital, the workflow tool can do it all!

Automate simple tasks

PlanetPress Connect is all about gaining time and efficiency when handling documents and information. Here are some quick wins, we can help with:

  • Archiving files in a folder on a regular basis.
  • Sending an email alert when a document is received.
  • Synchronizing information between two systems over night.
  • Creating documents when web forms are completed.

Automate complex workflows

PlanetPress Connects fills the gaps between your systems making them look and feel fully integrated. Thanks to a large set of controllers and listeners, you can automate and trigger processes that will accelerate and enhance your way of doing business.

Over 100 tools
to build and maintain your workflows

Input tasks
  • Email input
  • Folder Capture
  • FTP input
  • HTTP input
  • SOAP input
  • Telnet input
  • LPD input
  • Serial input
  • WinQueue input
  • Retrieve job item
PlanetPress Capture
  • Field Generator
  • Folder Capture
  • Field Processor
  • PGC Splitter
  • Extract ICR
  • Find Document
  • PGC to PDF
  • Capture Conditions
Actions tasks
  • Create PDF
  • Create Email Content
  • Create Web Content
  • Create Output
  • Create Job
  • Create Print Content
  • Barcode scan
  • Add document
  • Add/Remove Text
  • Decompress file(s)
  • Load External File
  • Open XSLT
  • Send to folder
  • Run Script
  • Filter
  • Search & Replace
  • Rename
  • Mathematical Operations
  • SharePoint (input / output)
  • Microsoft Excel Lookup
  • Microsoft Word Lookup
  • Laserfiche
  • PrintShop Mail
  • MRDX
Data splitters
  • Database splitter
  • In stream splitter
  • Pdf splitter
  • XML splitter
  • Create metadata
  • Embed/Extract Metadata
  • Metadata File Management
  • Metadata Filter
  • Metadata Level Creation
  • Metadata Sequencer
  • Metadata Sorter
  • Metadata to PDI
Process Logic Tasks
  • Execute Data Mapping
  • Merge Jobs
  • Set Job Properties
  • Branch
  • Comment
  • File Name Condition
  • File Size Condition
  • Loop
  • Send to process
  • SNMP Condition
  • Text Condition
  • Time of Day Condition
  • Run Script Condition
Output tasks
  • Delete
  • FTP Output
  • Soap client Output
  • Windows Printer
  • Printer Queue Output
  • Send Email
  • Send to folder

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