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Operational flexibility

Are you the boss or are your systems leading the way? Operational flexibility gives you the ability to change how your organisation handles information and/or situations to meet its customers’ ever-evolving needs.

Bridge gaps between systems

Systems can now communicate

PlanetPress Connect works like any ETL system. It reads data from multiple systems, typically developed and supported by different vendors or hosted on separate computer hardware and bridges the gap between them.

Working with inputs and outputs

Thanks to its open architecture, PlanetPress Connect will work with pretty much any system you have in place so you can regain control over your IT systems. PlanetPress Connect helps you optimize the production, the distribution, and the archiving of transactional documents with automated workflows.

Implement without worries

Easy implementations

PlanetPress Connect works with the technological infrastructure you already have in place. It reads your systems output leaving it untouched and your IT team worry free.

Input formats

PlanetPress Connect captures and reads data from ASCII files & Line printer data, CSV, Database, Channel Skip, PCL, PDF, XML or any web requests based on protocols like SOAP, FTP, HTTPS.

Output formats

Export PDF, TIFF, JPEG, VDX and AutoStore documents. Print, send emails, fax or index and archive into Electronic Document Management systems.

Optimize at your own pace

Optimize when you are ready

PlanetPress Connect is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution, it's a toolset, making it an extremely flexible solution. Business optimisation is an ongoing process and your organisation's needs will evolve over time, making it super important that you remain in control of the costs, the skills and the workflow setup automated in PlanetPress.

Start simple, Learn, Repeat

Some organizations use it simply to move data around. Others use it to automate boring tasks such as scanning documents, archiving or mail preparation. At Objectif Lune, we even use it for our Hockey Pool! As soon as you start playing with it, you'll realize its potential and start automating everything.

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