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Level up your print game

PlanetPress Connect works with virtually any system you have in place. Even very old ones.

Supercharge your print capabilities

Information system
Print Output
Other information systems
Supercharged Output

Rigid systems

Too often systems in place (CRM, ERP or Financial) offer very limited options when it comes to extracting or printing the data they contain.

Scattered data

Data adds value to your documents but sometimes that data is scattered throughout multiple systems. Often times, they are unable to communicate with each other.

Printing lag

PlanetPress Connect not only optimises your documents’ content, it maximizes the speed of your printer.

Manage print and mailing jobs wisely

Reduce the amount of paper you send

Instead of sending two different documents PlanetPress Connect helps to reduce the number of pages you print by selecting only the relevant content for each customer. Turn invoices into advertising vehicles by adding personalised content to transactional documents. Bonus: Save on postage.

Group mailings to send less

PlanetPress Connect easily integrates with third party solutions to help presort and cleanse mailing addresses as well as to group multiple documents to the same customer. This often saves you money once you get to the post office.

Load balancing

Load balancing

Do you have large print jobs to run occasionally? Maybe you already have a couple of printers installed and don't want to invest in a large-scale printer? Use PlanetPress Connect's load balancing capabilities to send equal or variable sized parts to each of your printers or output engines.

Stop sending work to one machine and clogging it up for a long time. Depending on a set of priorities you can even program the software to send print jobs to whichever machine is free.

Switch printers depending on the document

Distributed printing is about getting everybody what they need more efficiently. You can print an invoice and a personalised cover letter at sales headquarters, add accounting copy from your accounts receivable department, generate a packing slip and shipping label at your warehouse and send an email confirming the order, all from the same data stream you currently use to print invoices.

Switch printers depending on the document

Stop hoarding stationery

Eliminate expensive pre-printed forms with print on-demand. Correcting a phone number, adding an email address, or changing a logo used to be a headache when dealing with printed stationery. With PlanetPress Connect, simply open the appropriate form in the designer tool, modify and save your changes.

  • Buy less paper stationery.
  • Use plain white paper.
  • Faster turn-around time when changes are needed in the templates.

Print only what you need

With PlanetPress Connect Workflow tool, you can reduce the number of pages you print by printing only the information relevant to each recipient. You also get to dynamically add personalised messages to existing documents so you don't need to print new ones. Of course, printing on both sides of the page (duplex) is supported.

  • Use and send less paper.
  • Don’t overwhelm clients with information they don’t really need.
  • Optimise document real-estate.

Automate repetitive tasks

The best part of automating the tasks of scanning, archiving, and mail preparation is that you get your team back. Now free their time from manual repetitive work and allow them to do more creative, fulfilling, and relevant tasks.

  • Less manual labor and thus, fewer errors.
  • Faster delivery time.
  • Happier employees.

The London Borough of Newham

The London Borough of Newham explains how they reduced their costs, automated their processes and eliminated errors caused by manual intervention with the use of PlanetPress. Since they purchased their solution in 2009, they have created over 70 document workflows for print and email,automated archiving, and converted all their variable data printing forms through PlanetPress. This allowed them to grow their central reprographics operations.

Reduce Costs

Don't buy new systems

PlanetPress Connect supercharges your systems’ outputs giving them a second life so you don’t need to go through the process of buying and implementing new ones. When systems can’t export in the expected format or when they’re not able to talk to one another, PlanetPress Connect steps in.

Become Autonomus

At Objectif Lune, we don't like when clients get stuck with technology only experts understand. We like when our clients are in the driver’s seat, giving them the ability to change the little things as they grow. This gives them the ability to develop skills internally to make changes when needed and not have to rely on the so called experts.

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